Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Current mood: contemplative


I don’t know who I am

Or how I fit into this bigger plan

Am I what you think of me

Composed of what I was taught to see

Am I me myself and I all three

Am I what I try to be

Am I the words I speak out loud

Or only another anonymous in a crowd

Am I angry, am I bitter

All those things that I could be

Am I loving, self indulgent,

Am I the girl that we all see

My mind goes so much deeper

Than even I have ever been

An universe inside extending infinitely

But to what end

Am I everything or nothing

Vibrations or solid matter

Am I kind and gentle as I try to be

Or nutty as a mad hatter

Am I creative or a hoax

Spouting life out in cleasé

Am I the me I aim to be

The girl I know I’ll be someday

How much of who I claim to be

Is all ego and for show

How divine to be granted one wish fulfilled

Who I am is a someone I would really love to know

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