Thursday, May 7, 2015

The unquenchable thirst

Last night while I slept, I dreamt of water...
Crystal clear,
beautiful water
Bottles of water big and bigger.
And me, drinking them down with an insatiable thirst...
Waterfalls... Shedding my clothes...
swimming in the coolness...
Cupping handful after handful of that cold sweet liquid and swallowing...I could feel it running down my throat, filling me up.
Standing in the pouring rain with my mouth to the sky,
Hungrily seeking drops with my tongue..
Bottles and more bottles
My face under a faucet swallowing greedily.
Everywhere I went, there was water.... And from every source of water I drank as deeply as if I had just crawled through a desert on my knees...
But my thirst would not be quenched, no matter how deeply, how often, or how much I drank.

And then I heard the whisper...
"It's a dream..... It's only a dream...."
I sat bolt upright suddenly in the darkness of my bedroom.
Blindly groping toward my nightstand, I prayed that I would find a REAL bottle of water there.
Choirs of angels may as well have sang out as my fingers closed around the bottle. I gulped the entire thing down as eagerly as I would have in my dream, only this time my thirst was finally, fully satisfied.
The thirst, that I had been too busy, engrossed in my day, in taking care of everything but myself, had been there all night. I had probably gone to bed with it, completely unaware in my exhaustion.
It was only when my subconscious spoke up that I discovered the intensity of my thirst. But while my subconscious could reveal my hidden need, it could do nothing to actually take care of those needs. I could swallow down Niagara Falls and still be as thirsty as ever so long as I stayed stuck only dreaming of fulfilling my needs. It was only in hearing the whisper of my inner wisdom and waking. Heeding the call, and bringing those dreams forward into my actions, that my need was satiated.

We can dream amazing dreams.. Imagine beautiful things big and small. We can dream of the lover we wish for. Of all that we would build in our lives. A career we'd like to have.... Places we would love to go and see... But unless we heed that inner call... The desires of our subconscious... Where our wisest self speaks the loudest. Until we listen to that wisdom, wake ourselves from our sleep or a sleepy existence and take action. Finally take steps towards bringing those dreams to reality. We will never taste the fruits of the life we "could" have... And we will never quench our thirst.

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