Saturday, October 17, 2009

What else but Wish.

I wished a wish I knew,
the ends from the starts
ins from outs
and what's real in who's hearts

I wish, I wished I knew,
which ways to go
where each way leads
and what's for show

and I wish, I WISH, I knew
what means what to you
what he is thinking
fibs from truths

I wish and I wish
and I wish foolishly
that I wish I had wished
I had eyes then to see

and I wish I knew
and We've wished the wish so long
I wish I knew which wish is real
and which is fodder for a song.

- Kalee - 10-17-09


  1. You're back! Hooray! Nothing like your writings to inspire me in mine. :)

  2. :) Thanks Jess, what an awesome compliment! I've had a wierd summer... sometimes there was plenty of inspiration, but not the timing, place, or energies needed to put it into word.... and then there was lots of moments of sitting staring at a blank page... wanting to say one of the million thoughts racing through my mind... But completely at a loss for words! Anyhow.. It felt good to get something out last night :)