Wednesday, May 28, 2008

ATTN: selling car and looking for new one! please read!

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LOOKING FOR CAR/SELLING CAR please read! :) Hi folks,
Just wanted to put the word out that I am selling my vehicle and am looking for a new one. If you (or someone you know) can help with either of these please shoot me a message or if on my friends list give me a call (see just posted bulletin for number) and if no answer LM with number and best time to call back.
... here are more details:

1993 Explorer, needs to go ASAP! It is a burgundy/eggplant color, 4 dr, pw, pl, ps, abs, roof rack, cruise control, interior is in great shape, non smoking current owner, mechanically sound as far as I am aware, tires in good shape, low milage for the year (130,000ish).... (pics available upon request!) A couple small spots of rust (as is typical of a vehicle 15 years old!), nothing major... This is a GREAT car, just not what I need at present! Asking $1100.00 (KBB value at least $1800.00!) OBO. Would also consider a trade for anything with more than 2 seats that runs on diesel! Please email or call! Preference given to quickest response! Thanks!

Something on the smaller side, preferably wagon or hatchback style... volvo, VW, older Mercedes Benz wagons, etc.. something along those lines... Prefer Diesel as I would like to try doing a veggie conversion, but would consider gasoline for now is the price was right :) Looking to spend no more than $1000.00.... or trade for whatever services or goods I might have of interest to buyer (my explorer, baby items, art, yardwork, odd jobs, babysitting, etc, etc)

THANKS FOR READING, and have a heckufa day :)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Religion...

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Late one evening... in a sort of a spiritual trance, Dr. Bronner told me that absolute cleanliness is Godliness... and I believed...

In the state of absolute cleanliness a voice came unto me that spoke of one of the keys to my freedom... of humility... of loosing the vainty of shine and silky strands... and allowing the matting of nature to reclaim my locks... and I believed...

I have read... I have searched in the nooks and crevices of life... I have approached all with a wish to understand... I have been told that to every life who seeks, the answer will be found... and I believe....

I have learned of certain indisputable truths... of poisons and perfumes.... of healing and health... I am chubbier than ever at present... but paradoxically healthier than ever... I have been shown, guided, and taught a medicine that trancends the toxins and chemicals upon which foolish man places so much trust.... I am learning of the amazing marvel which is the bodies we possess... and their unmistakable ability to heal themselves when freed from the toxic life most of us have come to accept as the standard.... and I believe....

I have learned of the tampering of mad scientists and billionaires.... in laboratories of dirt they shall grow their frankenfruits.... of the future of your meats... COW Version 1.5 has already infiltrated your local stop and slop..... the cloning has begun.... The gene guns already fired... countless species of plant already lost forever to the profitable corporate approved test-tube altered few.... The hormone have already seeped into your frosty chocolate milk and breakfast cereal... The results apparent on the swelling chest of prepubecent girls the world over... I have been told of the disasterous effect of the patenting of LIFE ITSELF... human guinea pig tested. government approved. AND I BELIEVE.

I have seen the hypocrisy.... the lies... The maniputation of my brothers and sisters... mother and father.... before my very eyes. A tube... a screen... telling us all what to think... how to be.... what to see... what we are to believe of this purposely constructed ridgid structure of fear, called "Reality TV".... I have heard the shepard dogs... I have opened my eyes... to a promise that there can be a better tommorrow if we would all just stand up and take notice of this world we live in... The nature which has nutured us from the beginning of humankind... the beautiful dark rich earth beneath our feets which we have all turned our backs on... It is the only solid truth... and all that is worth breaking ourselves over... She is REAL. this I have learned... and I BELIEVE....

an awakening is coming.... a revolution that has not yet been seen by the massess... a revelation in the heart and soul... of all that connects us in spite of all that seek to divide us.... The soldiers are rising up.... with a passion that cannot be bought with college tuition.... No matter the religion... the face... the pigmentation of our skin and the color of our eyes... we will not go back into slavery.... we will not give up this air we breathe without a fight... we will not lay down and close our eyes... numbed by the matrix of endless useless pointless bullshit they have built.... the shackles of suits and computer keyboards they have set out..... the camps they have built to shield us from the TERROR of living.... We will not lose our freedom to apathy and cowardice... We are not going out like that..... One way or another we will all be one..... ALL ONE or ALL NONE.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Vaccine Adverse Reactions.... yummy stuff

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Risks outweigh the benefits?

Prove No Harm!

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good read, short but to the point

Friday, May 9, 2008

Fluoride: Miracle drug or toxic-waste killer?

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Veeeeeerrrryy interesting.... Hey you, whats in YOUR drinking water?

MMR VACCINE and Acetaminophen Use. What You Should Know!

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Very good info esp. for parents or expectant parents!