Monday, March 19, 2007 and lennon photos

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Not sure if this is gonna work but what the hell figured I'd try it. (if this worked there should be a bunch of little pictures of my items on etsy below this paragraph).

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I am selling my handcrafted creations on both ebay and which is a bad ass website for handcrafted stuff. Seriously, if you like handmade ANYTHINGS go check this site out, you will get lost for HOURS! :) Below I am posting links to my store at each site. If ya'll get a moment go check it out! And definetly browse around on etsy. A good place to start is by clicking on "favorites"next to my name (or anyone elses name for that matter) once you get to etsy... that'll show you some of the cool things others have stumbled upon and loved..... On a different note, I took Lennon to my sister's studio tonight and we took some more pictures of him now that he is 4 MONTHS OLD (can you believe it!!!) and hopefully I'll be posting those soon enuff... Ionly have one right now, but please check out my pictures later on in the week for a bunch of new ones (hoepfully krystal will get them to me this week *hint *hint* ( not that she's gonna read this cause i can't get her to join the myspace thing...)).... ANYWAYS.. before I start to babble I'm gonna end this, plus I have lots of work to be doing.. so... PEACE OUT ALL YOU GANGSTA'S (attn addi: this is the proper usage... i.e. its not GANGSTER!)



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