Friday, July 11, 2014

In Living color

Life is not a black and white picture show.
A little at a time my corners soften...
Rounded as I take short walks around the block in another foot's well worn shoes.
My gavel bangs less harsh,
with every mistrial and misstep
Respect coming more readily,
Even for those who aren't simply looking out the window next door, but who own a perspective a half a world away from my view.

Self imposed tower of stone loneliness crumbles
I still have my convictions,
still hold them dear to my soul.
But no longer do they sit heavy noose around my neck
Shackles on my ankles.
Solitary confinement
is a hell of a place.
I refuse to imprison
my heart, my mind
in such passages,
Narrow confines
Inspire only panic and claustrophobia

My body has softened a bit perhaps with experience.
But so has my ego, and I don't mind if I do.
And so it rolls...
In full living color,
Breathing in the variety
Spicy fragrance of life
What does that even mean? A cage for you to sing?
A bird cannot fly, my dear, with only one wing...
Sometimes life is blue,
Sometimes life is yellow
And sometimes the world is green
Because the truth is somewhere
in between.

Kalee 7-10-14

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