Wednesday, May 9, 2007

It may as well be able to walk your fucking dog!

Current mood: excited

SO... I got part of my tax return back and finally got myself my laptop i've been wanting since forever. My buusiness will be back up and fully functional VERY SOON now and i am psyched about that! Has anyone else bought a new computer lately??? So far i find Windows Vista slightly annoying (have you seen the mac commercial with the secretservice agent looking guy that keeps telling "PC" what is happening and asking permission to allow?? ITS TRUE! and if you haven't seen it, basically Vista has little warnings that pop up for EVERYTHING asking if you want to give permission for programs to open, etc... a bit of a nuisance...) ANYWAY. One thing i need to babble joyously about... anyone else used this new program ONE NOTE that comes with Microsoft office?? I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED ABOUT THIS PROGRAM! It is basically a virtual catch all.. sorta like a scratch pad where you can freehand, create diagrams, type, paste photos, screen shots, highlight, tag words for later indexing, add audio or video.. etc... You can drag and drop things anywhere you want and it automatically saves. You can email right from the program and it automatically converts the page into html so that the other person doesn't even need to have the program. You can upload to your blog by simply clicking "blog this" on the dropdown menu. you can highlight test and tell it to send to outlook and it will automatically place it on your calender or task list in outlook and it will remain connected so that if you edit it later both onenote and outlook will always have the same information.You can create unlimited notebooks with unlimited pages in unlimited files, easily reorganize your "pages" in your "notebooks" and you can go back and search for a word or phrase and it will find it in TEXT, handwritin and (GET THIS SHIT!) It'll even recognize the word in a PHOTO!! Sorry i sound like an infomercial or something but thiis program has got me SO freaking excited. It is going to make my life so much easier! It comes with a mobile version too and so i'm finally pulling out the Pocket PC i paid 300.00 for 4 years ago that i never used. I can't wait to get this shit organized and figure it all out so that i can use it for my business, i'll actually be able to have a separate page for every customer where i can paste pictures of examples, swatches, jot notes, copy and paste payment receipts and emails from the customer and have everything all in one place and then i can link each one to outlook so i'll automatically be able to tell what is coming up to the deadline i'm supposed to have stuff sent out by.. and ... and ... and :) I'm going nuts with happiness here if ya'll couldn't tell! Seriously, if you don't have this program, make sure you check it out... If you can't buy it... i'm not gonna say that you should rip a copy of someone elses but..... ;) lol ANYWHO... I'm gonna go tool around more with this program and i wanna head off to bed soon. BE GOOD EVERYONE! :)
Kalee ( yes i know i am WAY too excited about this damn program... but its the most futuristic program i've ever seen.. its like straight from startrek or somethin!)

P.S. Captains log stardate 2 0 0 6: today i..... lol ;)

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