Tuesday, October 3, 2006

random ramblings of my life today.... NO MORE WORK!!!!

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Soo I worked my last day today... sort of unplanned.. I just had enough of the stress of keeping district managers off my ass. No matter what I was doing I was getting bitched at.. working 48 hours wasn't good enough... they'd bitch because i wouldn't work nights (fuck no I'm not driving home an hour on extremely unlit highways in a shit box car at 9'oclock at night at 8months pregnant).. didn't take breaks.. didn't schedule myself 6 days instead of 5... I'd go do an inventory at another store and I'd be there on my feet for 10 freaking hours working my butt off only taking a 15 minute break to eat a slice of pizza while all the other managers would do the "work for 30 minutes.. smoke cigarettes for 15.. chat for 15 minutes.. work for 30 minutes.. smoke... etc" routine all day long.. and when I'd leave an hour earlier than we were supposed to cause my backand feet couldn't take anymore I'd get bitched at and lumped in with the shmucks who'd show up for 3 hours and leave with some lame excuse... I was sick all weekend with a nasty cold and I had to deal with this jerk telling me that not going in to work shows bad character and that i "letting the team down"... FUCK OFF dude! In the scheme of things the "team" of corporate bungholes at this company (which is very rapidly going down the shitter as a whole) don't amount to a pisshole in the snow to my life.. expecially not compared to my unborn child and I am not endangering my (and in turn his) wellbeing by going and working a 10 hour day with a fever and a sinus headache and a nasty runny nose.... anyways.. I needed to vent about that... So after dealing with the daily dose of District Manger Bitchfest (weekly conference call), My daily spanking (lecture by my DM), a whiny call by a fellow manager (because even though I was told I had to be at his store for an inventory at 1:00, he decided to start counting early and was unhappy that I didn't read his mind, and get there in the morning), and the sweet (but VERY blonde) new girl asking me ONE too many questions that I've already answered ten times... I HAD ENOUGH. I called my Dr and told him I can't work anymore and I need a note excusing me... which he happily wrote (he's been trying to get me to cut back hours for a LONG time!)... only downside is that he said since I didn't pass out on the job or anything there is not much in the way of physical evidence to prove that I'm not capable of working should I want to collect on my disability insurance... Oh well... getting a little bit of pay every week would be nice.. but with or without it I'll find a way to manage.... I'll just sell everything I don't need if I have to... plus I got plenty of free time to paint now!!! ANYONE want to buy a PAINTING??? painted furniture???? ANYONE???? *crickets* lol :)

In other news, my ex is apparently even more insane than I had previously suspected.... he is writing letters to my mother now, pretending to be this guy I worked with a couple years ago (who incidently was old, fat, bald, and a total bullshitter... YEAH! cause thats my type and all!) that he thought I was cheating on him with and doing drugs with (amazing how he figured me out isn't it, lol.. WTF!).... so anyways.. he's writing letters pretending to be this guy telling my mother that I go and spend my whole days in a hotel room with him and that she should follow me sometime... Couple that with the recent blogs he has posted with some sort of conspiracy theorys about how the american government is following the same blueprint as the Nazi's... The fact that in his profile he says he is now an alien (jesus turned him into an alien apparently) and the comments he leaves himself as Yoda, and several other "alter egos" having some sort of imaginary conversations with himself that make no sense and yet he thinks that he is making some sort of important statement... He tried to convince me a few weeks ago in one of his blogs that half of the people on my friends list are the old bald guy that he thinks is stalking me.. he had befriended a couple of them too until he decided that they were "him" and after leaving them really strange comments stopped talking to them all... (Lucia I'll write you back soon.. sorry I haven't replied yet.. I've just been trying to figure out how to explain his bizzare behaviour to you... it doesn't even make sense to me and so its had to try and explain it to others..) anyways.... I'm wondering how much further he is gonna go before it becomes unmistakeably obvious to everyone that he has something seriously wrong with his mind...... it makes me so sad still but.. what can I do but take care of myself and my little one.....

Happy thoughts happy thoughts!! puppys... kittens... law and order marathons... not having to go to work anymore...... :) okay I feel happy now! :)

Have a lovely night all!

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