Friday, June 12, 2009

Websters Dictionary Version 2. AM

A definition: Alone (Noun)

my own hand and 2 AM
and pillows hold lots of tears

desperately trying not to become desperate
approaching lengthening years

when night falls I can hear it
a sadness that lingers near

is it raining there, cuz it's raining...
and it sure is raining here.

the fictions and the fantasies
the vividness so real

I wonder this I wonder that
I wonder how he feels...

and loneliness oh lonely
her face once just a song

but everyday (every night) I know her more
and she's beginning to stay too long

it's 2 AM... and I can't sleep.
I can only think in verse now

and I'll try to forget what I'd wanted to keep
but I can't remember how

rock me to sleep with a pillow and a hand
on my breast and on my head

so the dreams, all the dreams
of a patchwork heart

may descend upon my bed....